Obtaining Marvel Future Fight program files


apkdl [-v] [-v] -o output_directory
apkdl -h


apkdl downloads the latest version of the Marvel Future Fight program from the Google Play Store. This is primarily useful for further analysis and exploration of the game program files; it does not download most of the game data used by mffer.


-o output_directory

Specify the directory in which to place the extracted files.


Output more information when running. May be specified 0, 1, or 2 times.


Output brief usage instructions but take no other action.

Extended Description

apkdl downloads the APK installation files for the latest release of Marvel Future Fight. With a minimum of pre-installed software, apkdl will obtain the remainder of necessary software. apkdl installs software into temporary directories in an attempt to minimize changes to its host system, but does not use a chroot jail or other mechanisms to truly isolate itself.

By default, apkdl prints information only when giving instructions for user interaction. To add brief informational messages about the current step in the process, add the -v option. Adding the -v option again enables “debug” output that includes echoing all shell commands in apkdl and printing the verbose output from each individual tool called. Adding further -v options has no effect.

The final product created by apkdl is a directory named mff-apks-version within output_directory. This directory contains the .apk installation files used to install the game onto an Android device.


  • POSIX-like environment (Linux, macOS/OS X, or Windows with Cygwin or another POSIX layer)

  • Python 3

  • git

  • Internet connection with access to the Google Play Store

  • A Google account with an app password (to log into the Play store)

See Also

  • Other concepts, examples, and workflows including apkdl are in the User Guide.