Marvel Future Fight exploration & reporting

mffer --datadir data_directory --outputdir output_directory
mffer -h


mffer is the command-line workhorse of the mffer project. It can obtain the Marvel Future Fight program and data files from Netmarble, parse the files into JSON-formatted data files that (though quite large) are human-readable and machine-evaluable, and produce CSV files of limited data for each version that can be viewed in spreadsheet applications (such as Google Sheets) or used in the mffer webapp.


--datadir data_directory

Specify the directory containing Marvel Future Fight data files

--outputdir output_directory

Specify the directory in which to place created files

-h, --help, -?, /?, /h, /H

Print brief usage instructions.

Extended Description

mffer evaluates files from one or more versions of Marvel Future Fight under data_directory. Though some flexibility is tolerated, the directory hierarchy beneath data_directory is expected to consist of one or more directories named for a version of Marvel Future Fight, each of which is a subset of an Android device filesystem where Marvel Future Fight is installed. (Not coincidentally, this corresponds to the directory trees created by mffer when obtaining data files or by the now-obsolete autoextract.)

Importing and processing the data takes some time (minutes to hours). Once completed, mffer will create version.json in output_directory, a JSON-formatted file including the usable data from each version’s data files. This file is very large, but is human-readable. mffer will also create Roster-version.csv for each version, character-delimited files including the data for the playable characters in the game. The CSV files can be imported into the mffer webapp. Both the JSON files and the CSV files will overwrite any files in output_directory with the same names.


mffer is built with .NET 5 and requires a system on which the .NET 5 runtime will work, though the runtime itself does not need to be installed.

See Also

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